Pan Agent – for sales reps, supervisors and merchandisers.

Cloud-based. Apps for iOS and Android. Try it free.
Check out some of the features:
Pan Agent is an innovative solutionfor for online and field sales.

Download the app for sales reps and connect it to your Pan Agent customer portal.

Get more orders with less effort. Try it free!
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Provide your customers with direct access to your products and services 24x7.

The two sales channels perfectly complement each other:

1. Field sales through mobile reps. iOS and Android apps available.

2. Web-access for online customers for direct order placement.

Please check out our blog for a few cool and useful tips to take full advantage of Pan Agent features: panagent.net/blog

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Every issue will be dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner.
20 reasons to go for Pan Agent right now
product availability check, planograms
Great charts
and visualizations
Photo reports,
location control
GPS monitoring, time tracking
Cash flow,
receipts, payments
Sales history,
optimal order quantity calculation
Visits scheduling,
execution control
Data sync
swift, smooth and safe
Easy integration with
other systems and data sources
Credit limits,
collecting outstanding debts
In-the-field quoting,
point of sale audits
Collecting orders
pre-selling, van selling
Surveys, consumer satisfaction control
Tasks for sales reps,
activity sequencing
Return sales orders,
Barcode scanners,
bluetooth printers support
New, user-defined documents
with customizable structure
Personal settings,
user access management
Pan Agent means:
Free trial without any upfront payments
Up and running in almost no time
Live support from a dedicated customer service
Sales team interactions tracking
Getting to know your customers on a new level
Skyrocketing productivity
Great cloud service
Flexibility and customizability
Native applications available both for iOS and Android
Intuitive functioning
In-depth reporting and analysis
Being simple, yet extremely effective

Pan Agent makes difficult things look easy

Pan Agent for supervisors

Pan Agent takes sales force management to the next level.

Pan Agent organizes sales team in a healthy manner. It maintains complete transparency of remote sales representatives.

It helps to prevent trickery and get rid of redundant paperwork.

Pan Agent for sales representatives

Pan Agent offers exceptional usabilty and makes the whole process utterly enjoyable.
Gamification - new tasks, levels and achievements every day
Everything is tailored to your needs
The app is neatly organized and so easy to understand
Pan Agent is your loyal assistant
Pan Agent will be there to:
Boost your sales and cut expenses
Speed up delivery process
Optimize your sales pipeline
Set the heartbeat of the sales team
Say good-bye to excess inventory
Provide real time route tracking
Improve order fulfilment

Quality in every detail - that's what Pan Agent really cares about

Pan Agent
Great value for your money
From only EUR 15 per month
Up and running in no time

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