Reach out to your customers with Pan Agent. Online. 24×7.

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Pan Agent is not only about mobile sales, merchandising and retail. Not at all.

It is also an agile eCommerce platform helping companies deploy their own sales portal and reach their customers.

Pan Agent will streamline the ordering process from the customer to the warehouse to get orders delivered as fast as possible. With little or no margin for errors.

Companies use Pan Agent to provide a seamless, more collaborative sale process, where online buyers can browse products, place orders and make faster buys in real-time.

It is so easy and convenient to make an order through a browser on a mobile device or a laptop.

This order will be instantly registered and ready for processing.

Pan Agent provides a 24/7 online ordering destination for your customers from anywhere across the world.

You can use our sales portal to manage reps, customers, products, and orders.  

Import your existing database of available items including description, price, images, etc. You can use our slick API or simply upload your data from a file.

Alternatively, you can integrate Pan Agent with whatever system currently in place. Pan Agent will not substitute your ERP, but it will surely make it more connected to your clientele.

Our mobile version provides visually stunning proposals that exceed customer expectations. It’s just so difficult not to buy something.

If you have your own delivery service, you can use the Pan Agent tracking service to monitor your team whereabouts. All customer interactions are logged and can be accessed at any moment.

Ready-built reports and charts are available for deeper, actionable sales intelligence

Pan Agent brings the power of advanced analytics and delivers a new level of insight directly to the management.

Last week’s work can’t wait until tomorrow. Create your cloud and Sales portal now at https://account.panagent.net

No advance payments, no hidden charges. Take your time to figure things out.

Please refer to the cloud manual for further details.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you.