Pan Agent customer surveys. Know your customer better than your competitors do

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Pan Agent surveys are not like any other.

They can be applied just everywhere.

People use our surveys to find out more about competitors, retail outlets, customers, their habits and opinions about their services and products.

Whether you’re targeting leads, gathering customer feedback, or conducting a retail audit, Pan Agent Cloud and mobile app will enable you to collect high-quality data wherever and whenever you need to.

Everybody just seems to extend our survey applications to solve ever-increasing tasks.

And we are happy about it!

The Cloud comes with some preinstalled bestseller survey types, but you are free to create as many of your own as you please.

Pan Agent provides an easy way to design efficient and pretty surveys.

Questionnaire designer

Once in your Cloud, navigate to Company – Questionnaire designer.

The only thing you need to do is define survey structure, map questions with answers, and add some style to your liking.

All questions are distributed between question groups.

Each question is paired with an appropriate answer type. It might be text, number, boolean (yes or no) and so forth.

A list of values can also be employed as an answer type. In this case, a mobile app user just selects an answer from a drop-down list on a device.

Less margin for errors. Better processability.

A default answer is a good option for some questions.

Hints have also proven to be indispensable. Especially for a newbie sales rep or a person who is just onboarding your team. They help understand the question better and come up with a valid reply to it.

You can prompt a user to attach a photo as an answer if you need, say, a picture of a retail outlet or a view of products on the shelf.

Just assign an answer of a photo-type to that question. Simple!

Some answers can be marked as required. Failure to provide them will keep the survey in the Draft status. Those kinds of surveys are not validated and, therefore, not sent to a Cloud from a mobile device.

You can be as fancy as you please. Play with fonts, colors, alignment, size and other design elements.

As soon as a survey structure is created, the surveys of this type become available all across your mobile ecosystem.

mobile appS

Pan Agent mobile app allows for simple data collection at points of sale or elsewhere, with or without an Internet connection.

Mobile app checks all the surveys, validates them and changes their status automatically.

Once the survey is uploaded into your Cloud, its status is changed to Posted, and the icon color is switched to a lively green.

That gives a user a notion that the data has been successfully delivered into the Cloud and accepted for further processing.

Mission accomplished!

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