Open the floodgates for new customers with Pan Agent sales portal

Pan Agent sales portal provides controlled and secure access to your products, customer-specific pricing and discounting to provide flawless order placement.

We have strived to design the most intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure fast and convenient ordering.

After the initial order has been placed it can be checked and processed through a web browser 24 hours a day.

Our open API interface is an effective tool for a seamless data export straight into your ERP or accounting system.

Portal pricing policy encourages clients growth: the more customers are connected, the cheaper one customer license costs.

Sales portal runs smoothly both on desktop and mobile devices.

An order can be nimbly placed even through a smartphone with not the biggest screen in the world:

Create your sales portal at account.panagent.net and invite your customers to join in.

All users, both customers and employees, can be managed efficiently from the admin panel.

Collect your orders any time day or night. Boost your sales!

It’s easy, convenient and really advantageous for your business.

Give it a try!