Cloud kickstart guide. One! Two! Three! Four! Voilà!

Step One.

Register at https://account.panagent.net/register.

Create a cloud of your own. Pick a name and an address for it.

Step Two.

Import or manually add products, customers and company information.

You might also want to set up routes, visits and other data but at this point you can just skip it.

Step Three.

Add sales reps into your sales team.

Copy their access codes. You’re going to have to use them in Step Four.

Step Four.

Download Pan Agent app from Google Play or App Store. Go to Settings – Databases list.

Create a cloud base using codes obtained above.


All the product and account data is imported at once into the mobile app.

Start selling!

Sales orders and other documents will jump right into your cloud from your sales rep’s app.


Pan Agent 2.2 for Android. The October symphony.

What’s cooking?

Discounts can now be included into the price.

You can also hide the discount column.

Discounts do matter. Sometimes they matter so much that nobody should even see them. If that’s the case, take advantage of our new setting and keep them safe from prying eyes.

New sales chart.

Analyze the revenue broken down by products groups. New chart is already on the dashboard.

Highlighting aged debtors.

Some people never pay on time and wouldn’t even blush. Well, make them go red! New setting for highlighting aged debtors is there for you.

Cloud merchandising.

Pan Agent Cloud (beta) is getting increasingly good. Merchandising is already aboard. Register your very own cloud аt account.panagent.net!

Streamlined images import.

If you happen to have an extensive product catalogue with a wealth of high-quality images, you will be amazed with how fast and smooth they are now synced. Maybe that will encourage you to extend your product list even further.

Log shrinking.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the tracking data. Simply no place to stash it. That’s not a problem anymore. Pan Agent will shrink the tracking log once it gets too big.

Extended Android 8 Oreo support.

Got cookies?