Pan Agent 3.9 for iOS. The cloud story.

Cloud service (beta)

Pan Agent cloud service has arrived.

You now have two options: you can either connect Pan Agent app to your ERP system, just as you could before, or integrate it seamlessly with its own cloud service.

Register your cloud at account.panagent.net.

Create your sales team. Get access codes for the sales reps.

Using these codes you will set up databases on mobile devices. Those databases will be automatically connected to your cloud.

All cloud data and field data will be synced swiftly and effortlessly.

Pan Agent cloud service is a consolidated operations centre covering sales reps, routes, customer accounts, products, sales, order collection and many more. It works around the clock and around the globe.

Other great features are being tested and will soon be available to our costumers.

Welcome to the Pan Agent cloud!

New databases layout

We have commissioned a talented artist to design a new convenient database layout for Pan Agent.

Create new cloud or corporate databases in no time. You can set up as many as you wish.

Employ sample databases to experiment with. They come in different languages.

That’s a really sweet thing!

Backing up on schedule

The importance of keeping backups cannot be overemphasised.

Now you can set up your personal backup schedule.

Pan Agent will embrace that schedule and diligently compress all the data into a package and send it out to your server.