Routing and GPS tracking with Pan Agent

When you have sales teams working in the field, keeping track of your staff is a tricky thing to do.

Controlling people can really prove overwhelming, especially taking into consideration the fact that managers sometimes have only a vague idea about what their subordinates are actually doing on their shifts.

Pan Agent provides a smooth and cost-efficient way to manage your sales organization.

It comes up with a bunch of excellent features both for sales managers and field personnel.

Route planning

First thing first. 

Field reps visit loads of customers each and every day, so route planning can really become a burden. 

Pan Agent cloud service makes it easy not only to access the complete list of points of sale, but also to plan visits effectively and adjust the route to save time and money. 

It’s never a bad idea to drop the drive time in favor of customer facing time.

In the field

While in the field with a Pan Agent app, sales reps have everything at hand.

They move along the predefined routes and have a clear idea what visits have already been made and what’s still to do.

There’s a special indication for different types of visits, for example for customers located outside of the assigned route.

Pan Agent app provides on-the-run access to all of the customer data: outstanding balance, contacts, notes etc.

Right away one can generate all kinds of transactions: create sales orders, invoices, receipts and so on.

When a visit is done, the app will show the shortest route to the next customer.

Tracking and monitoring

Pan Agent allows for the precise tracking and monitoring of personnel whereabouts.

We provide all the essentials necessary for supervisors to obtain accurate rep positioning and visit verification.

Tracking data flows between mobile apps and the cloud service softly in the background but it can also be synced manually by any of the peers.

Whilst managers can run better reports on sales team performance, the time it takes to collect data is significantly reduced since it is updated automatically by Pan Agent.

With Pan Agent a sales manager stays connected to the team enjoying an unobstructed view of the daily progress.

One of the features that we have onboard is mobile picture taking. All images are linked to documents or other objects and are time and GPS-validated. Managers can generate photo reports and look into different situations more closely.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use online tools to create efficient plans for your sales people to guide them through the day!


Open the floodgates for new customers with Pan Agent sales portal

Pan Agent sales portal provides controlled and secure access to your products, customer-specific pricing and discounting to provide flawless order placement.

We have strived to design the most intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure fast and convenient ordering.

After the initial order has been placed it can be checked and processed through a web browser 24 hours a day.

Our open API interface is an effective tool for a seamless data export straight into your ERP or accounting system.

Portal pricing policy encourages clients growth: the more customers are connected, the cheaper one customer license costs.

Sales portal runs smoothly both on desktop and mobile devices.

An order can be nimbly placed even through a smartphone with not the biggest screen in the world:

Create your sales portal at account.panagent.net and invite your customers to join in.

All users, both customers and employees, can be managed efficiently from the admin panel.

Collect your orders any time day or night. Boost your sales!

It’s easy, convenient and really advantageous for your business.

Give it a try!


Cloud kickstart guide. One! Two! Three! Four! Voilà!

Step One.

Register at https://account.panagent.net/register.

Create a cloud of your own. Pick a name and an address for it.

Step Two.

Import or manually add products, customers and company information.

You might also want to set up routes, visits and other data but at this point you can just skip it.

Step Three.

Add sales reps into your sales team.

Copy their access codes. You’re going to have to use them in Step Four.

Step Four.

Download Pan Agent app from Google Play or App Store. Go to Settings – Databases list.

Create a cloud base using codes obtained above.


All the product and account data is imported at once into the mobile app.

Start selling!

Sales orders and other documents will jump right into your cloud from your sales rep’s app.


Pan Agent 2.2 for Android. The October symphony.

What’s cooking?

Discounts can now be included into the price.

You can also hide the discount column.

Discounts do matter. Sometimes they matter so much that nobody should even see them. If that’s the case, take advantage of our new setting and keep them safe from prying eyes.

New sales chart.

Analyze the revenue broken down by products groups. New chart is already on the dashboard.

Highlighting aged debtors.

Some people never pay on time and wouldn’t even blush. Well, make them go red! New setting for highlighting aged debtors is there for you.

Cloud merchandising.

Pan Agent Cloud (beta) is getting increasingly good. Merchandising is already aboard. Register your very own cloud аt account.panagent.net!

Streamlined images import.

If you happen to have an extensive product catalogue with a wealth of high-quality images, you will be amazed with how fast and smooth they are now synced. Maybe that will encourage you to extend your product list even further.

Log shrinking.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the tracking data. Simply no place to stash it. That’s not a problem anymore. Pan Agent will shrink the tracking log once it gets too big.

Extended Android 8 Oreo support.

Got cookies?


Pan Agent 3.9 for iOS. The cloud story.

Cloud service (beta)

Pan Agent cloud service has arrived.

You now have two options: you can either connect Pan Agent app to your ERP system, just as you could before, or integrate it seamlessly with its own cloud service.

Register your cloud at account.panagent.net.

Create your sales team. Get access codes for the sales reps.

Using these codes you will set up databases on mobile devices. Those databases will be automatically connected to your cloud.

All cloud data and field data will be synced swiftly and effortlessly.

Pan Agent cloud service is a consolidated operations centre covering sales reps, routes, customer accounts, products, sales, order collection and many more. It works around the clock and around the globe.

Other great features are being tested and will soon be available to our costumers.

Welcome to the Pan Agent cloud!

New databases layout

We have commissioned a talented artist to design a new convenient database layout for Pan Agent.

Create new cloud or corporate databases in no time. You can set up as many as you wish.

Employ sample databases to experiment with. They come in different languages.

That’s a really sweet thing!

Backing up on schedule

The importance of keeping backups cannot be overemphasised.

Now you can set up your personal backup schedule.

Pan Agent will embrace that schedule and diligently compress all the data into a package and send it out to your server.


Pan Agent 2.1 for Android. A very yummy update.


“Buy a pack of strawberries  – get your whipped cream free!”.

Why not come up with one of those shiny offers your customers just can’t refuse?

Brand new promotions module to Pan Agent.

Background sync

Sales reps fail to send customer orders on time again and again?

Don’t worry so much! These things happen all over the world.

Just set up the background sync interval and Pan Agent will take care of the process all by himself.

Customer stop lists

No spirit left for fighting overdue payments?

Just define criteria to black mark that sort of customers.

You might want to allow a shipment if the balance is paid in full or impose an unconditional ban on them.

Automatic reorders 

Pan Agent replenishment module is getting smarter every day.

Now you can take into account seasonal fluctuations in demand.

You can also see a combined sales history. The data from your Pan Agent cloud or ERP system can be complemented with the orders on device that haven’t been posted yet.

New cloud service features

Create your cloud at account.panagent.net and manage your sales team online!